our daily programme

At Birrahlee, we provide a programme that gives a wide range of stimulating activities within the security of a daily routine. We attempt to take into account both the general and specific needs of the children’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual development.

Our 2023 Timetable

8.15 am to 9.00 am Welcome children inside
9.00 am to 12.00 pm Indoor and outside play
10.15 am Acknowledgement to Country, morning song and discussion
10.30 am Wash hands, fruit time
12.00 pm Story and group time
12.30 pm Wash hands, lunch
1.00 pm Outdoor experiences
2.15 pm Outside pack away
2.30 pm Inside and pack bags
2.45 pm Inside quiet time: books, music yoga
3.00 pm Inside activities
3.40 pm Home time
3.45 pm Preschool closed


Important Dates

june, 2024

Learn, Play, Thrive

Our focus is on the development of each child in a safe, caring and fun environment. We provide a high-quality programme that is tailored to each child’s strengths, interests and unique qualities. It is run by experienced, qualified, caring and consistent staff members.

At Play: Enjoying a fun, safe environment.

Exercising: Developing physically through play.

Making Friends: Learning important social skills.

Birrahlee is rated as "exceeding" the national quality Standards

-Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority