Our policies

Birrahlee Preschool’s policies are detailed below. We are in the process of updating these policies and will update our site as soon as the changes become available.


During warm months of the year from October through to March, outdoor activities should be set up in shaded areas.  Staff should minimise play in the sun for any length of time between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.  On hot days, children need to be reminded to drink water and they may be cooled down with ice blocks or going inside for quiet time.

From April to September, outdoor activities can take place at any time of the day.  Activities where children remain in one spot for a period of time, such as painting, should still be set up in the shade.

Parents/guardians are advised to apply sunscreen to their child on arrival to pre-school.  Sunscreen is supplied at the sign-in table.  The child’s hand may then be stamped to inform staff that sunscreen has been applied.  This applies to all months except for June and July when the ultraviolet index is mostly below three.

Children must wear hats during outdoor play, except during the months of June and July.   All children are provided with a school hat when they start at Birrahlee.  Subsequent hats must be purchased. Click here to read the NSW Cancer Council’s UV alert.

Anaphylaxis policy

Due to the increase in allergies, in particular, anaphylaxis shock due to peanut and asthma allergies, all staff are trained in the administration of epi-pens.

Should your child require an epi-pen, a management plan must be given to the Kindergarten so that all staff are aware of the nature of the allergy. Birrahlee is a nut-free zone.

complaints policy

We welcome contributions from parents and if a problem arises, we wish to solve it quickly by keeping the lines of communication open.
In order for complaints to be resolved please contact the following people or groups in order:

1. Your child’s teacher 

2. The Director
3. The Board of Management
4. Department of Education and Communities
5. Community Services
6. Community Services Commission

The full complaints policy is available upon request.

Virtual tour

Birrahlee now offers a virtual tour of the preschool. Click here to tour our facilities.