Parent involvement

‘Being actively involved in the Birrahlee community has been an enriching experience
and has enabled me to be a part of my children’s education.’

Tina Lowry, Parent and Board Member

How you can become involved

As a community-based preschool, we welcome and rely on parental involvement. There are many ways you can enrich our curriculum and the life of the preschool. We welcome any contribution that parents are able to make and encourage families to be active participants in the preschool community. Some of the ways you can become involved include:


1. Become a member of our Board
We welcome parents on our Board. Responsibilities of the Board include staff matters, teaching standards, finances, our teaching program and the standard of buildings, grounds and equipment.


2. Assist with fundraising and social events
The Parents’ Club is the fundraising and social activities arm of the Board. The Club organises a variety of fundraising activities such as family portraits, picture plates and tea towels. The funds raised contribute to large purchases of equipment for the preschool.


The Parents’ Club also focuses on relationship building within the Birrahlee community by organising small events and activities such as family BBQ’s and the children’s disco.

 3. Assist with policy development
Parents can assist in the development of the preschool policies and help us update policies on a regular basis. Participation is invited through the completion of surveys and contributions to strategic planning.

 4. Assist with curriculum development
Parents are also invited to help us implement the curriculum by coming to the preschool to do a special activity with the children, assist on excursions, complete surveys or make suggestions. Accompanying your child during a session at the preschool can be a rewarding experience for both you and your child.

There are many ways you can enrich our program with your presence. You may like to read stories in the book corner, do some cooking, supervise finger painting, play music or do some simple experiments. Our teachers will be happy to suggest activities.


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